Experience Points

“Video games arguably should be one thing: fun. Experience Points brings that quality in spades with high-energy covers that combine funk, jazz, and groove into a frenzy of delightful twists on melodies with creative on-the-fly improvisation.”
- Vue Weekly


Experience Points (EXP) is a high-energy, video game music band combining funk, jazz, and groove-based music with classic video game soundtracks. Based in Edmonton, this dynamic group of musicians perform unique and clever arrangements ranging from classics like Super Mario and Donkey Kong, to modern video games like Undertale. 

EXP has performed across Western Canada, usually with a full 6-piece with horns, but sometimes as small as a 3-piece "EXP Pocket"; a smaller, lighter unit that requires fewer batteries.

In the past year EXP has garnered partnerships with the Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses and Video Games Live. When Experience Points performs, audience members can expect a high-energy show that will keep you dancing all night long.

Their debut album will be released Fall 2018.


Photographer: Tatiana Zagorac

Location: Churchill Square, 2017

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Stephanie urquhart


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brian raine


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Aretha tillotson


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Ryan pliska